We have all grown up with robot friends
Since childhood, who hasn’t’ fantasized that a robot was our dearest companion? Robby from Forbidden Planet. B9 from Lost in Space. R2D2 & C3PO. Johnny 5 from Short Circuit. Intelligent, friendly, funny and helpful companions all.
Other tales show a darker side of machine intelligence.
The Forbin Project, Demon Seed, Saturn 3, The Matrix and The Terminator series portray the potential hazards of giving computers too much freedom.

“2049 – Humans are obsolete” Dozens of leading scientists agree that computers will exceed human intelligence within 50 years.



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Man vs Machine®: A sporting event that pits human opponents against independently intelligent robot fighting machines in the arena of physical combat.
Robots: Orphaned Children Disowned By Their Creator
Karel Capek coined the word “robot” from the Czech word robota meaning serf or 'forced labor'. Before his death in 1938, Capek expressed his final fears;

"It is with horror, frankly, that he rejects all responsibility for the idea that metal contraptions could ever replace human beings, and that by means of wires they could awaken something like life, love, or rebellion. He would deem this dark prospect to be either an overestimation of machines, or a grave offence against life."

“Meet your future masters” For the first time in history, Man vs. Machine® establishes one of the most popular science fiction themes as reality:
Humans competing against intelligent beings of their own creation. This dream began with the book Frankenstein in 1818.
The reality is here NOW.
Collectively, these entertainments have generated billions in box office dollars and product sales. Now, Robot Fighters® and Man vs Machine® events offer robotic challengers who are ready to question our reign as the superior beings on the planet. The world will never be the same.


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